The DNS Query Log Analyzer is a remote “tail” application, written in .NET, that streams DNS Query logs over SSH, providing real-time displays of queries as logged via the DNS server.   Watch the DNS query log in real-time while filtering on select IP addresses, names or types.  Stats are  available at the click of a button to quickly see a running up-date of the Top 20 queries, all queried record types, and a full list of all domains since processing. 

New features that are on the drawing board include:

  • Offline Loading and Processing of Query Logs
  • User defined log formats in addition to all BIND DNS formats
  • Advanced filters and display filters
  • Auto-Discovery of log files on remote hosts (with seed file extension)
  • Domain Lookup & IP details (Enterprise – IPControl Plug-in

Please send me an email to : for more information on this project.

Below is a gallery of the latest version screen captures.