Convert one or even hundreds of DHCP configuration files in a single task.  Our DHCP Configuration converter provides an easy to use graphical interface for quick selection and conversion.  Simply select your vendor from the drop down list; click the browse files to locate the DHCP server(s) configuration files and click the load.  That’s it! The converter will process the configuration files specific to the vendor and extracts the IP information to create child-blocks, DHCP address pools and DHCP reservations for the Market Leading IPAM framework – IPControl from Cygna Labs Diamond IP.

You can find my opensource version on my GitHub page at the following URL:

Multi-vendor DHCP server support. Process subnets, DHCP Ranges and DHCP Reservations from a wide range of supported DHCP server vendors.  The table below describes the support in version 2.0.

Vendor Version Supported
Microsoft 2003/2008 Yes
Microsoft 2012/2016 No. v2/v3?
VitalQIP All Versions Yes
ISC All Versions Yes
MetaIP 4.x Yes
Cisco IOS All Yes (subnets and dhcp)
Incognito *specific Yes
Novell Dhcp3Tab 4.x Yes

Processing hundreds of configuration files only takes seconds with the DHCP Configuration Converter.  Extract static and DHCP reservations with validation of MAC address and host name.