The IPDevNet site started up in 2007 as a place where IP  related developers could network.  I have primarily used this site to host my applications for customer specific projects and I have recently added two new domains that land on the IPDevNet Site: AutomateMyIP.com and AutomateMyIP.net, that I am using to launch new services and capabilities.

If you or your organization have an interest in IP Address management, DNS, DHCP or IP Automation in general, please send me an email.  I can help direct your questions or provide you with possible solutions to your needs and requirements. Email: mailto:info@ipdevnet.com.

The DHCP Configuration Converter Project

The DHCP Configuration Converter is officially my first released product under IPDevNet and is a great utility for converting different vendor DHCP configuration files into CSV file formats that are IPControl compatible.  The converter works with Microsoft DHCP 2003/2008, ISC, VitalQIP, Cisco IOS Router Configurations, MetaIP, Incognito, Novell Dhcp3Tab and NetID.  I wrote  the first version back in 2007 after I realized I was performing the same conversion process with different vendors almost every day.  And, I was writing custom scripts each time to boot (x 1 day x 100+ clients).   I felt it was so useful and time saving  that I made it available as freeware for anyone to try.

My freeware project (now version v2.0)  is written in Visual Studio 2012 VB.NET and is still available for download by contacting me at info@ipdevnet.com.   Please include your name and a brief description of how you’ve used our converter in the past or how you plan to use the utility in the future.  I am always interested in hearing how others have benefited like I have.  We will send you a login and a download link where you can obtain the latest software to install on your Windows PC.  The .NET 4.6.1 framework is a prerequisite and the installer will direct you to Microsoft for installation if it is not present.

Send me an email to obtain the download link for the software.  Any suggestions, comments, or Starbucks gift cards can be directed to info@ipdevnet.com.