POWER TOOLS for IP Administrator’s 

Custom portals for your BT Diamond IP – IPControl administrators to simplify the IP assignment and self-service requests as well as focusing the portal to specific tasks (i.e. devices, DNS, networks and so forth).  Our custom portals are developed using the Vue.Js framework that provides reactive and powerful portals to interface directly with the IPControl RESTFUL APIs.


Automate the assignment of one or many IP Addresses with selective DNS records, domains and user defined fields.  


Quick Site Allocations using the IPControl Site Templates can automate entire site deployments in a single transaction including Containers, Aggregate and Child Blocks.


Node-Red workflow development.  With the release of the BT Sapphire OS 9 and the Cloud Automation Appliance (CAA), BT Diamond IP customers now have access to the Node-Red visual workflow designer to build POWERFUL workflows and API endpoints, that now take a fraction of the time to develop.  The CAA includes the BT “Nodes” that can be dragged on the canvas to wire the workflow together. Node-Red is truly an amazing tool and with the power of the BT Sapphire Appliance serving the Node-Red workflows, it is an excellent choice (and mine personally) for any sized organization’s automation needs.  

Let us know what projects you are undertaking to see if Node-Red might work for you and your IP automation or to request a demo of the BT Cloud Automation Appliance (CAA): info@ipdevnet.com  


The PowerShell module for IPControl is close to complete.   PowerShell has matured over the years and is now available on Windows, Linux and MAC.  With its pipe-line capabilities and variable manipulation,  automation of  IP addresses is a breeze and works directly from your Windows or Linux infrastructure.  The PowerShell module interfaces with BT IPControl Rest APIs  (version 9 & 10) and will be available on Windows and Linux (Powershell Core 6.0).